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An online insurance market place.

A web-based insurtech solution for reseacrching,comparing and buying insurance the same way you shop for Air-Ticket

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We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We Leverage on digital platforms and technologies to connect our customers to the best insurance and investment solutions

Multiple Solutions

At Bismart we offer you the best range of quotes from upto 13 companies.

Insurance Financing

We provide insurance financing for some of our produicts with upto 4 months of payment time.

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Our Team Will get back to you in timely manner with relevant quote or claim arrears.

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Our support team is on standby incase you need any help with your policy


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What Is Bismart

We simplify comparison of insurance products, one of the most complex financial service products on the market. At the same time, we provide our customers with access to daily updated insurance product information based mainly on terms and conditions across the industry.

The core element in our solutions is an advanced and innovative comparison tool built on a comprehensive and daily updated database containing current as well as historic information about +14 insurance companies across Kenya.


Why Bismart

We believe that insurance companies in general should focus more on quality than price, when offering customers insurance products. Frequently, the focus is mainly on price , when insurers make comparisons with other providers of insurance products.

Bismart has developed a powerful software tool that simply and effectively enables insurance companies to compare differences between insurance products, i ncluding e.g. coverage, restrictions and exclusions, when offering its products to customers

Our solutions thereby enable insurance companies to improve customer service, increase sales, and reduce discounts by providing better advice of existing as well as potential customers.

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